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It's probably not the first time you are reading the story of a brand born because a handful of people have said, "Ah, we would like this idea to bear fruit!".

It is the same type of story you are going to find here, as well.

Golden Flavours Turmeric Latte Mix

 Our story

 "We want our own recipe," we said, one day.

A recipe made of natural ingredients that we know for sure are working, without compromising on taste and health.

We want a recipe to inspire us, to provide us with energy and lust for life, to remove any remorse or doubt. Let's put in it all those trusted spices and herbs, worshiped for their simplicity, flavour and benefits. Ah, and we would like this recipe to look good. Special ingredients deserve to be wrapped in a particular way.

And because this idea seemed brilliant, we called it our "golden idea." A golden idea about some golden flavours.

Now, you might say that there is too much "we" in this story. We, we, we. That it is kind of egocentric, right?

No, it isn’t. Because immediately after we had imagined what we would like, what we want, we said to ourselves "why wouldn’t you like it too?" Why wouldn’t you want, just as much as we do, some products made from natural ingredients, without any preservatives, without guilt, but with plenty of personality, with taste and with great care for health and well-being? Of course you want them. We didn’t have any doubts.

You are important characters in our story.


Golden Flavours

 Golden Flavours Turmeric Latte Mix Superfoods

How was Golden Flavours Turmeric Latte Mix born?

You know how it feels to work 10-14 hours a day. To be pressed by deadlines. To run between phones, emails, and appointments. To make decisions, be strategic, be creative. To take the kids to school and then bring them back. To go to the market, to the gym and the dentist. You know what it's like when in all this tumult, you need a dose of energy, a "mind boost", an elixir that will improve your mood and enlighten your brain.

We knew all these too. We've been through all these moments. We did research, analyzed, studied, tested, re-tested, and created ... a brilliant recipe of Turmeric Latte Mix, with all the goodness and energy a beverage could have in it.